Celebrating 43 years as Kailua-Kona's premier custom picture framer!  Locally owned and operated, the Kona Frame shop is a full-service shop with a large selection of frame styles, ready-made frames, mat boards, and fine fabrics. We carry major American frame moulding lines and specialize in frames made of local woods, including Koa, Mango, and Ohia.  Some of the local wood  frame styles we carry may be found at other shops; however, most are proprietary, hand-crafted upon order, and can only be found at the Kona Frame Shop. 

Our commitment to quality and customer service means we stand by our work 100%. We care deeply about our customers and the objects they entrust us with. All framing work is done on-site at the Kona Frame Shop - everything from hand-wrapping of fabric mats and liners, stretching and mounting, glazing, joining, and finishing of frames. Artwork is properly/securely stored and carefully handled from the time an order is placed until pick-up.

As professional framers with 128 years of collective experience, we believe it is our responsibility to educate and make people aware of the many options and methods available in custom framing. When working with a customer, we explain and explore different framing possibilities, emphasizing techniques and materials that will both preserve and enhance the enjoyment of each custom framed object.

We frame with Aloha.


Our Team


Matt Harper - Owner, Fitter, and Designer

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Sharon Curtis - Designer, Fitter, Matting and Textile Specialist

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Lila Eisler

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Rosemary Schatzlein

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Diane Kraul

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Nora Yamanoha

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